Managing Business Finances During a Crisis – Webinar

In this webinar, Jerry Vance, one of the most experienced outsourced CFOs in the nation and president of Prefered CFO discusses strategies for managing business finances during a time of crisis to mitigate loss.

About the Speaker

Jerry Vance Preferred CFO Jerry Vance
Founder, Managing Partner
Preferred CFO

Jerry Vance is one of the most experienced outsourced CFOs in the United States. He has provided CFO consulting and outsourced CFO services to over 300 companies in multiple industries 



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Preferred CFO Outsourced CFO Team

About Preferred CFO

Preferred CFO is a high-level strategic outsourced CFO firm. While w’ere experts in historical financials, the most impactful strategy we bring to organizations is implementing a higher level of forecasting and strategy to scale and accelerate growth, optimize resources, overcome obstacles, and maximize shareholder value.

Our specialties include:

  • Strategy & Forecasting
  • Cost & Systems Optimization
  • Lender/Investor-Ready Financials
  • Financial Advisory


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