Preferred CFO is an outsourced CFO services firm with corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT and serving the entirety of the United States.

About Preferred CFO

Preferred CFO is an outsourced CFO services firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We offer fractional outsourced CFO services to small- to medium-sized companies across the United States. We engage with companies that are facing financial challenges or opportunities, are experiencing significant growth, or companies that are looking for the best financial expertise and high-level strategy possible without the in-house cost.

Preferred CFO helps businesses “turn on the headlights.” While many businesses have systems in place for historical reporting and record keeping, many lack the processes and expertise to turn this financial knowledge into a forward-looking strategy and blueprint for success. Preferred CFO helps take the guesswork out of business growth and success through financial forecasting, competitive analyses and benchmarking, strategic relationships, and creating a more reliable financial path to support company goals.

Unlike most other outsourced CFO firms, at Preferred CFO, our expert CFOs are actual employees of our company, not contractors. We are not a “head hunting” company and we don’t do business by merely match companies with outside CFO consultants that we’ve never met or worked with in-person. Each CFO at Preferred CFO is handpicked for their expertise in a variety of industries and financial specialties to create an outsourced CFO team that can truly handle any challenges or opportunities a company may face. In addition to some of the top outsourced CFOs in the United States, our team also consists of experienced controllers and bookkeepers. This means we can meet any company where they are at, augmenting their current finance team or completely supporting all financial needs.

Our Specialties

Preferred CFO specializes in helping companies take their financial strategy to the next level. We primarily work with high-growth companies who are ready to manage their business with better clarity and confidence.

Elevate Financial Strategy. The greatest benefit we bring to the table is elevating your financial strategy. Our greatest and most influential strength is in forecasting, which is the process of creating a detailed month-by-month plan to take you from where you are now to where you want to go. While many companies have rear-facing finances that focus on record-keeping, we transform this perspective to “turn on the headlights” and become forward-facing. We help significantly improve your financial visibility and projections data so you can more confidently and successfully make strategic business decisions.

Process Improvement. We help streamline your financial processes to ensure they are GAAP compliant, complete, and timely. This means you can ensure your company has the right reports, processes, and tools in place to be able to have the information you need every time you need it.

Improve Cash Flow. Cash is King, but most companies don’t have a good handle on where it is going. Our CFOs are experts in optimizing cash flow to minimize lost and maximize profits for companies of all sizes and industries.

Prepare for a Transaction. What is your end game? We know that many companies ultimately have an exit goal in mind, and our CFOs can help get you there. We help your company grow to where you can confidently consider your options. We help make introductions, evaluate offers, complete due diligence, make presentations to board members, or any other financial-related needs you may have to achieve your goal.

Outsourced CFO making projections for business using calculator

History of Preferred CFO

Preferred CFO was founded by Jerry Vance. With 30 years in the financial industry and more than 40,000 billable hours as an outsourced fractional CFO, Jerry is highly regarded as one of the most experienced outsourced CFOs in the United States. Jerry has personally provided CFO services to more than 300 companies in a wide range of industries. He has been instrumental in securing hundreds of millions of dollars of debt and equity financing and has been integral in advising his clients in sustainable long-term growth. He enjoys mentoring early-stage companies and is an active angel investor.


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Elevate your financial strategy, accelerate growth, overcome challenges, and maximize resources with our outsourced fractional CFO team. We look forward to working with you!