Elevate Your Financial Strategy, Overcome Challenges, & Accelerate Growth With a Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO Services by Preferred CFO

As your expert virtual CFO team, our experienced operational virtual CFOs work with you to fine-tune your financial strategy to maximize shareholder value, accelerate growth, and achieve your growth & profit goals.

We have several experienced virtual CFOs on staff with high-level experience in dozens of industries. When you choose Preferred CFO for virtual CFO services, you will be assigned the CFO who best fits your industry and project needs. Although this CFO will head your financial strategy, you will benefit from the experience of the entire CFO team’s expertise, insights, and relationships.

Financial Forecasting

Think of financial forecasting as a financial blueprint that advises purchasing, R&D, hiring, capital raises, sales structure, and more to lay out the best path to achieve your goals. Our virtual CFOs will take intelligence from your business data, industry trends, projections, and business goals to design a month-by-month forecast of target and conservative projections that act as a guide to help you get from where you are now to where you want to go.

Staff Development

Part of our virtual CFO’s role in the company is to help your internal team support your new elevated financial strategy. We’ll work with you to train internal staff to support the new financial strategy and future growth, and can even work with you to elevate the skills of a high-potential employee to take over the CFO role when we are gone. We can also help you find a CFO to take a permanent spot in the company if you choose to move on from virtual CFO services.

Systems Optimization

If you’re not receiving on-time or accurate financial reporting, if your finances have been too complex to keep a pulse on your financial health, if you don’t have a good grasp of your cash flow, or if you need to take your finances from basic historical accounting to more advanced and timely financial data, our virtual CFO services can help. We will work with you to design and implement the best financial systems, practices, & reporting for your company.

Profit Maximization

Maximize your profits. Our virtual CFOs will take a look at your cash flow, vendor contracts, compensation strategy, and more to ensure you’re getting as much from your products or services as possible. In most cases, changes to your resource or inventory management, vendor contracts, and how you utilize your existing cash can have huge benefits to your bottom line and create needed health financially.

Sustainable Growth

Create more sustainable growth. Many companies are able to grow – and even grow quickly – but far fewer are able to sustain and support that growth through the long-term. We help you fine-tune your systems & processes for better business intelligence then help forecast your growth and what that growth will mean in terms of needs such as staff, materials, equipment, and more.

Raise Capital

You don’t always have to spend money to make money, but when you need capital to help take your business to the next level, our virtual CFOs can help. We have relationships with both debt and equity firms across the country as well as experience raising hundreds of millions of dollars. We’ll help prepare you for the raise, negotiate terms, and plan a forecast for how to best utilize the cash infusion.

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What is a Virtual CFO?

A virtual CFO is a remote CFO who provides high-level, virtual CFO services to your company. This is a great way for smaller businesses to gain the experience of a high-level CFO without the cost of a comparably-experienced in-house CFO.

A CFO is an extremely strategic hire for businesses of any size to have. It should be considered an investment, not a cost, as the right CFO will always provide a return on investment in the way of improved profit margins and cash flow, faster and more sustainable growth, more effective and efficient operations, improved vendor contracts and relationships, debt and equity funding, strategic relationships, and more.

What Does the “Virtual” in “Virtual CFO Mean?

When some people hear the word “virtual,” you may think of automated reporting or run-of-the-mill strategy tips delivered by email every morning. While this may be true in some sectors—we’re looking at you, AI virtual assistants—it is not the case with virtual CFOs.

Virtual CFOs are traditional, high-level expertise of an educated and business-savvy CFO, who work remotely instead of in-house. In many cases, a virtual CFO will offer fractional or part-time CFO services in order to service companies who are not yet ready for or in need of a full-time CFO.

This is particularly true for:

  • Companies who have achieved significant growth but cannot yet justify the cost of an experienced in-house CFO.
  • Companies preparing for a transaction such as a capital raise, merger, acquisition, IPO, or sale.
  • Companies who are experiencing increased complexity.
  • Companies who have recently funded and want to manage their cash infusion wisely

Why Choose Preferred CFO?

Unlike many firms who offload the majority of the work onto dozens of low-level bookkeepers or accounting staff, your virtual CFO at Preferred CFO provides primary action for your company. Our CFOs are not only the advisors; they implement, facilitate, track, report, and analyze your financial strategy.

In addition, we never outsource our virtual CFO role out to freelancers or low-cost CFO firms. All of our CFOs are salaried employees whom we have handpicked for their expertise, operational experience, and proven success in CFO roles.

Finally, Preferred CFO takes our relationship with you very seriously. If you are interested in engaging with us, we will be open and honest about the value we believe we can deliver to your company! We believe a virtual CFO should provide a direct ROI, and we choose to partner with companies with whom we believe we can do just that. If we don’t think we can bring value to your company, we will tell you before you ever hire us or pay us a dime!


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