Our CFOs have helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars in capital.


Our CFOs have helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars in debt and equity financing. Partnering with an Preferred CFO during your capital raising endeavors means you will have unmatched strategy and reporting, access to our deep financing network, and will have aligned your organization with our vetted reputation to make raising capital go even more smoothly.

Developing a Capital Financing Strategy

Our goal is to help provide services to help you raise capital in a way that’s appropriate for your company’s stage of growth, goals, and challenges. We will help you determine the right mix of debt and equity financing, how to attain that financing in a way that best upholds your company value, and help you determine the amount of financing needed at each stage of growth to achieve your goals.

Connect With our Network

We have been involved in the financing industry for decades and have connections with some of the best investors, venture capital firms, angel investors, and lenders in the area. As a partner in helping you raise capitla for your company, you gain access to our comprehensive network of investors and lenders. We can introduce your business, attend meetings, and help make introductions that can help your company raise capital or secure financing.

Navigate Financing Terms & Nuances

The process of raising capital can be complicated, but our capital experts have gone through the process hundreds of times. We have helped companies raise hundreds of millions of dollars in debt and equity financing. Our experience means we can help you find and negotiate the best terms for your company.

Preparation & Organization

Our experts will help you prepare and organize your financial data, reports, and forecasting (and keep it up-to-date). Your books are essential in raising funds, as is a thoughtful financial forecast that shows financiers and investors your game-plan with the funds you raise. This level of expertise and detail gives you the documentation you need to professionally provide information to venture funds, angel investors, or financiers.

Reputation & Professionalism

Having an experienced CFO represent you and your business brings an unmatched level of reputation and sophistication to your company in the capital raising process. Investors want to know they can rely on the financial data they’re provided, and having Preferred CFO as your capital raising partner gives them confidence not only in the financial information you provide, but in your overall company structure.



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