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2.5X growth over 2 years culminating in a strategic sale

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Preferred CFO Services

  • CFO, Controller, & Bookkeeper Services
  • Establishing and maintaining SaaS metrics
  • Contract processing
  • Cash flow management
  • Monthly close
  • Bookkeeping
  • 5-Year forecast
  • Regular budget-to-actual reviews
  • Raising capital

Nepris, Inc. sought fractional CFO services from Preferred CFO in the early stages of their revenue growth. Their goal was to set high financial standards early to keep the company’s finance strategies clean, complete, and optimized so they could continually maintain an athletic position to be able to take advantage of opportunities as they came.

Preferred CFO performs finance and accounting functions of CFO, controller, and bookkeeper, supporting them through revenue growth of over 20X and positioned them for a successful multi-million dollar sell-side acquisition.

Establishing SaaS Metrics | Budgeting & Financial Forecasting | Raising Capital
Due Diligence & Sell-Side Acquisition Strategy

Situation: Early Expertise to Open Opportunities

Nepris, Inc. sought outsourced CFO services from Preferred CFO in 2016 during their early revenue stages. Being in the SaaS industry, Nepris understood how finances and metrics could become more complicated over time and that the mastery of these measures was key to opening opportunities in the future.

Approach: Comprehensive Finance Team

Preferred CFO provided comprehensive CFO services as well as bookkeeping and controller services. These services included:

  • GAAP financial reporting
  • Establishing and maintaining SaaS metrics
  • Contract reporting
  • Cash flow management
  • Monthly close
  • 5-Year rolling forecast
  • Regular budget-to-actual reviews
  • Raising capital

Results: 20X Growth & Profitable Acquisition

Through these services, Preferred CFO’s expert SaaS CFO team supported Nepris, Inc. through 2000% growth over 6 years helping to position them for future opportunities. The preparation came to fruition in 2021 when Nepris successfully engaged in a strategic sale of the business. Through the acquisition process, Preferred CFO assisted with quality of earnings reporting and due diligence services.

  1. Clean, clear, accurate SaaS metrics
  2. Supported strategy, budgeting, cash management, & forecasting through over 20X growth
  3. Athletic positioning
  4. Successful strategic sale

About Nepris, Inc.

Nepris, Inc. is an education SaaS company that helps to connect classrooms with real-world learning. They provide the tools and support teachers, administrators, and community leaders need to virtually bring industry experts into the classroom. These experts help to engage and inspire students, providing diverse and inspiring role models that open students’ minds to future career paths.

Nepris, is now Pathful Connect and part of the Pathful College & Career Readiness System

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