“Although our business operates in a market laden with restrictions, classifications, and regulations, Preferred CFO was able to step in and help immediately. We would not be in business today were it not for their help.

We were a bit hesitant to begin because we weren’t exactly sure what we needed except that we knew it needed to be a full-service solution, which ruled out a lot of other more common options. Preferred CFO was very professional in determining what would help us get a handle on our finances. Prior to beginning with Preferred CFO, we had little idea of our profitability. Knowing exactly how our business is performing each month has been instrumental to us growing our business.

Preferred CFO helped us successfully raise our first round of funding, and is currently supporting our second round. We’ve felt confident knowing that our CFO can jump on a call to field questions on our behalf. Our financial projections carry more weight with the Preferred CFO reputation.

Their experience has proved invaluable as we’ve made long-term decisions and leveraged our assets to grow our business faster—much like we would have expected from a full-time CFO. They were able to help us with a high-level solution that we would not have been able to replicate or afford any other way given the position our business was in.

We’ve seen results every month and are so grateful that we’ve had a consistent, trusted advisor that we can call anytime to seek an expert opinion, or get an answer or introduction that we need.

I recommend Preferred CFO to all who are contemplating service with their team.”