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Industry: Financial Technology / Treasuries

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Jiko is a bank, broker-dealer, and technology company that marries the yield and security of T-bills with the flexibility of a bank account. As staffing and leadership issues began due to a senior leader departing the company, Preferred CFO was called upon to assist with the transition and go-forward plan.

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Background: VP of People Departure

Jiko, a burgeoning Financial Technology Company, encountered a significant shift in its human resources landscape. The departure of their VP of People presented a challenge and an opportunity to rethink their approach to HR leadership. In response, Jiko sought a solution that would provide experienced human resources consulting at a more cost-effective scale.

Solution: Provide Fractional HR Services

Recognizing the unique requirements of Jiko, Preferred CFO stepped in to fill the gap with one of their specialized services – providing an outsourced VP of People. This solution was in line with the concept of fractional human resources help, where Jiko could benefit from top-tier HR leadership, but  without the full-time executive cost.


Implementation by Preferred CFO

The VP of People assigned by Preferred CFO immediately took charge of the HR team at Jiko. Leveraging extensive experience in human resources consulting, the Preferred CFO VP of People spearheaded several critical initiatives:

• Talent Acquisition Planning
The new HR team efficiently hired key positions, including a CFO, sales executives, and engineers, thereby strengthening Jiko’s core team.

• Sales Compensation Plan Creation
Implemented Jiko’s first Sales Compensation Plan, aligning sales incentives with Jiko’s company goals.

• Equity Plan Management 
Oversaw the management of the company’s equity plan, ensuring fairness and transparency for all stakeholders.

• Performance Management Process Establishment
Established Jiko’s first formal performance management process, setting a framework for employee evaluation and development.


The engagement with Preferred CFO’s outsourced VP of People transformed Jiko’s human resources function. The company experienced:

– Enhanced efficiency in HR operations.

– Strategic alignment of HR practices with business objectives.

– Significant cost savings without compromising on the quality of HR leadership.

– A robust framework for employee development and compensation.


Jiko’s collaboration with Preferred CFO highlights the efficacy of fractional human resources in providing expert guidance and leadership in HR functions. The strategic move to hire an outsourced VP of People from Preferred CFO enabled Jiko to maintain a high-performance HR team at a fraction of the former cost, setting a precedent for modern HR management in the fintech sector.

You can find out more about Jiko here, and how they are transforming their industry bye making T-bills accessible through a simple and modern platform – directly, or where you’re already working.

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