Jerry Vance, 9-year partner of Advanced CFO Solutions, breaks away from company to launch new outsourced CFO company in Salt Lake City to better meet Utah’s evolving business growth demands

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah | September 2013 – Jerry Vance, one of two owners of Advanced CFO of Salt Lake City, has left Advanced CFO to launch a Utah-based Outsourced CFO company. Jerry’s new company, Preferred CFO, helps to meet the needs of Utah’s growing businesses by providing turnkey outsourced CFO, controller, bookkeeper, and systems expert services.

Jerry decided to separate his growing set of clients and staff in order to focus on a different set of long-term goals. Jerry says, “While the two firms are friendly, we perform our work with different delivery methods and technologies.”

Preferred CFO’s approach differs from its counterparts with its deep focus on long-term strategy. “While we’re excellent at helping businesses accomplish shorter term goals such as raising capital, M&As, cash flow solutions, restructuring, and turnarounds, we always have a strong eye turned toward the future. We are always asking ‘How can we make sure this helps this business get from point A to point B?'” says Jerry Vance.

A focus on long-term financial strategy is not new to Jerry, who has prepared hundreds of financial forecasts for businesses in the Greater Salt Lake City area as well as across the United States. “As with any goal, if you don’t have a goalpost then you wander,” says Vance. “In business, this results in wasted time and money. The more detailed your blueprint, the less waste, and the more quickly you can achieve your business goals.”

Preferred CFO is quickly becoming the preferred CFO solution for mid-sized and rapidly-growing businesses in the United States. The outsourced financial team model is especially attractive because it brings high-quality strategy, planning, and financial system design to organizations who otherwise would not have had the resources to bring equivalent expertise in-house full-time.

“We are usually with a company for 18-36 months,” says Vance, “although some projects take a shorter time. Conversely, some companies love the outsourced solution so much that they hire our team indefinitely.”

Preferred CFO’s greatest strength is in its expert CFO team. “We don’t contract out our services; our CFOs are truly part of our Preferred CFO team. While there is always one CFO who is the main point of contact for any client, each of our clients benefits from the expertise of all our CFOs collaborating together and sharing knowledge and experience.”

As far as far as the Outsourced CFO team goes, the expertise is unmatched. “We seek and hire some of the most experienced CFOs in the nation with a wide range of project and industry experience. The talent we’ve acquired is phenomenal, and the range of expertise is across the board. We do this intentionally so we can truly broaden our knowledge and experience base and can confidently help any organization achieve their goals, overcome challenges, and maximize opportunities,” says Vance.

When a new client partners with Preferred CFO, they are matched with the outsourced CFO whose industry and project experience most aligns with their needs and goals. Then Preferred CFO fills in financial support including controllers, bookkeepers, and accountants as needed. “This design really means that we can help elevate existing financial teams and can help train and build them to be self-sustaining in the future, or we can be that finical team when an organization doesn’t have the tools or resources to manage their finances in-house.”

Preferred CFO is currently based in Utah County with many of their CFOs in Greater Salt Lake City and Utah County areas. Preferred CFOs also has CFOs who base out of Idaho and California. Preferred CFO services organizations across the nation, including Texas, New York, Chicago, Arizona, Washington, and more. Most services can be provided virtually by the Preferred CFO experts, however most CFOs will travel to touch base in-person or to attend important meetings whenever needed.

About Preferred CFO

Preferred CFO is the premier source for outsourced CFO services in Salt Lake City, Utah and the surrounding area. The company offers its clients a finance and accounting system managed by a high-level expert CFO. This system results in a higher level of financial strategy and expertise without the in-house cost. Preferred CFO specializes in growing businesses, achieving goals, and overcoming obstacles.

Their specialties are financial forecasting, cash flow management, raising capital, M&As, restructuring, turnarounds, systems development and improvement, training and elevating financial teams, achieving sustainable business growth (whether adding new products, services, geographies, teams, or more), budgeting, and more.

For more information, visit https://preferredcfo.com . Want to learn more about how Preferred CFO’s expert financial team can help you achieve your goals? Contact us to speak with one of our CFOs today.


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