In its continuing role as a major sponsor of the Wayne Brown Institute, Preferred CFO will be supporting through attendance and mentorship the upcoming Deal Forum this Wednesday on 6/27/14 in Provo.

The Wayne Brown Institute is the nation’s oldest and most successful 501C venture accelerator, and fundamental to helping many new ventures acquire capital. The Institute brings together aspiring entrepreneurs who are seeking venture capital with mentors of many industries and disciplines who assist in refining the entrepreneur’s pitch. The objective is to produce an entrepreneur ready to not only deliver a thrilling pitch, but to also respond confidently and intelligently to detailed questions.

“Preferred CFO sees the Wayne Brown Institute as an important way to give back to the community,” says Jerry Vance, Managing Partner of Preferred CFO. “Everyone benefits when entrepreneurs are smarter, more experienced, and better prepared.  Investors become engaged, people are then employed, and customers’ needs are met.”

If your company is seeking capital, or if you are in a position to mentor early entrepreneurs, make sure and reach out to the WBI team at http://www.venturecapital.org

You can register to attend the upcoming Deal Forum this Wednesday at this link: http://www.eventbrite.com/o/wayne-brown-institute-2527952660