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Increasing the financial strategy of global SaaS companies by increasing sustainable growth, improving cash flow, & establishing tools and metrics to design a blueprint for financial success.

Meet Preferred CFO, SaaS Academy’s Official Fractional CFO Partner

Preferred CFO has provided expert outsourced CFO services to companies across the United States and internationally for over 20 years. Our team of CFO experts consist of some of the most talented financial minds in the CFO industry.

Our fractional CFOs are experts in the SaaS industry, with metrics and reporting designed to meet the specific challenges, opportunities, and growth experienced in this dynamic space.

Preferred CFO helps SaaS companies “turn on the headlights” to drastically improve financial visibility and forward-facing strategy to improve athletic positioning and to optimize the company for success.

How can Preferred CFO drive real, measurable impact for your company? Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation with one of our CFO experts.

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Using Business Data to Improve your SaaS Company’s Profitability & Success

Many SaaS companies started out bootstrapping their way into the industry, which usually means spreadsheets and basic accounting software was cobbled together to take care of basic financial and accounting needs. However, what got you where you are now will almost never get you where you want to go.

Preferred CFO helps streamline your financial systems and business intelligence, then helps use business data combined with industry metrics to optimize your path to success. Improve your systems, maximize your profitability, sustain accelerated growth, and meet—or exceed—your business goals.


Our SaaS CFOs are experts in the industry, helping SaaS companies accelerate and manage growth while increasing the company’s bottom line. Below are some of the most common services we offer SaaS companies; however, it is not a comprehensive list. If you have a challenge you’re facing that you don’t see below, please reach out!


Fast & Accurate Reporting

Your reports should be timely, detailed, and—most importantly—accurate. Our expert SaaS CFOs will help optimize your reporting process to improve efficiency, provide the information you need to make important business decisions, and significantly improve accuracy.

Improve Business Intelligence

We believe the best business decisions are made by combining business data, industry trends, and industry expertise. Our expert SaaS CFOs optimize your company’s existing systems while empowering you with business intelligence tools that provide the metrics & insights you need.

Optimize Cash Flow

Cash is king, but the dynamic subscription model, customer churn, product development, and more can sometimes mean less than optimal cash flow in a SaaS company. Our SaaS CFOs will help you become more capital-efficient to provide more optionality as your company grows.

Raise Capital

The right type of capital at the right times and in the right amount can make or break your success (and cap table). Our SaaS CFOs have raised hundreds of millions of dollars of capital. Let us help provide forecasting, relationships, and expertise to help your raise go as smoothly as possible.

Prepare for an Exit

Many SaaS companies ultimately aim for a strategic exit. Our expert SaaS CFO team has helped facilitate multiple mergers and acquisitions with SaaS companies, including a $1.8B acquisition by Adobe. We can assist in due diligence, contract negotiations, and maximizing shareholder value.

Accelerate Growth & Profitability

Accelerating the growth and profitability of your SaaS company comes down to having the right tools, systems, and processes to sustain growth and maximize profits. Our SaaS CFOs will help with compensation plans, hiring strategies, pricing models, costing, contracts, forecasting, and more.


Talk to a SaaS CFO Expert

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