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Your company has unique needs and roles to fill, and we’re here to meet them all. Our outsourced CFO team has decades of experience with businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of industries. When you partner with Preferred CFO for your outsourced or interim CFO needs, we will handpick the CFO on our team with the most relevant experience for your industry, growth stage, and business goals.

Our professional outsourced CFOs are experts in helping your organization to overcome barriers to growth while supplying and implementing systems, processes, and strategy that will create accelerated and sustainable growth of your company.

Strategic Forecasting & Planning


Our outsourced CFOs have collectively built hundreds of strategic long- and short-term forecasts for organizations at all stages of growth. In these forecasts, our outsourced CFOs strive to provide insight, overcome current financial barriers, achieve the greatest financial stability and predictability, all while accelerating your organizational growth. These long-term forecasts can help drive detailed yearly budgets and provide more strategic business decisions. They are also integral to raising debt or equity fundraising.

From capital structure or M&A, to risk management and efficiency analysis, our outsourced CFOs can help design a strategy that empowers your company to achieve its goals.

Clear & Accurate Financial Reporting

The numbers behind an organization are the basis for all important business decisions. Our outsourced CFO team will always keep you up-to-date on the current financial forecast and budget to actuals. This empowers you with information you need to make timely and informed decisions.

Since forecasts, budgets and reports can be complex, we formulate our reports in an easy-to-understand format that contains all the imperative details and data points to help you make informed analyses. Our CFOs will always discuss the important points of the data with you so you always have the information you need.

Raising & Structuring Capital

Our Outsourced and Interim CFOs have helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars in debt or equity financing.

When you partner with Preferred CFO, you’re choosing a fundraising advisor that has helped dozens of companies just like yours succeed in raising equity or debt financing. Your interim or oursourced CFO will start by analyzing your current financials and understanding your long-term goals. Then your CFO will help you determine exactly how much funding you need to achieve your goals while considering the most realistic combination of debt and equity financing, all while considering what amount of risk your company is able to sustain given their curent position in the market.

Your outsourced CFO will also help with the actual fundraising process, tapping into our robust investor network, providing financials, managing due-diligence, participating in or advising in negotiations, and reviewing term sheets.

Don’t let the fundraising process detract from your current business operations. Take the stress out of fundraising and let your outsourced CFO be your experienced fundraising advisor and strategist.

Interim CFO

Is your company or financial team in a stage of transition, financial crisis, instability, or growth? Preferred CFO will pick up exactly where you need us to for interim CFO duties that meet your organization’s specific needs.

Your interim CFO will hit the ground running. There is nothing more important than timely and accurate financial information and processes, especially when you’re undergoing transition, crisis, instability or growth. Your interim CFO has the benefit of having been in positions like this before, which means they won’t be intimidated by your particular challenges

Whether you’re currently seeking a full-time CFO and need an interim CFO in the meantime, are testing the waters for having an in-house CFO join your organization, are raising capital and need CFO support, or have a particular financial challenge for which you need an interim CFO to help you overcome, your interim CFO will quickly get up-to-speed on your organization and take over your financial stresses.

Your interim CFO  will have tried-and-true success in organizations just like yours and with the challenges you face.  You can rely on your interim CFO to analyze and get up-to-speed on your financial environment quickly in order to take action, including keeping your deliverables on track, providing corrective action, stabilizing your financial environment, or providing financial strategy, cost custs, long- or short-term forecasting, systems analysis and redesign, or debt or equity fundraising.



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