With only the most recent moral misconduct happenings in the NFL, we are finally seeing an effective control emerge: capitalism. As discussed at length by Ray Hennessey in his article on Entrepeur.com, we owe recent regulation over NFL behavior to the power larger businesses have because of their sponsorship dollars.

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So Anheuser-Busch can exert control over a public-facing organization owing to its massive ad-spend. What does that mean for your startup?

The truth is that these companies acted because they know who really calls the shots—the very customers they reach through the NFL. Customers pay the bills and provide the capital to grow businesses.  These businesses understand that fact and don’t forget it.

Neither should you.  When making critical business decisions, always keep your customer in mind.  It’s as if they’re the “good angel” on your shoulder—your conscience that is continually reminding you to choose the right.  Whether those decisions are public-facing or private, they have a way of rippling through your business and coming to light at very critical moments.

These NFL sponsors haven’t forgotten their customers, and we’re fortunate to have better behavioral regulation in the NFL because of it.  As you keep your customers in mind you will not only be doing the right thing, but your chances for success will increase substantially.