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Pro Bono Services & Offerings to Vistage Members & Chairs

Preferred CFO is honored to be an Vistage Elite Sponsor. We provide several pro bono speaking & consultative offerings to provide immediate and long-term benefits to Vistage Chairs & Members.

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Vistage Chairs & Best Practice Chairs

Strategic CFO Financial Workshop

This 60–75-minute workshop explores financial insights aimed at helping CEOs and business leaders make more informed, confident, & successful business decisions.

Workshop title: “Turn on the Headlights”

  • 60-75 minutes, including ample Q&A
  • Designed for CE & Small Business Groups
  • Provided pro bono to active Vistage Chairs

Takeaways include:

  • What are forward-facing financials & how can they transform strategy & success?
  • Evaluating your financial team to ensure you have all the right players in all the right positions.
  • Understand the roles and differences between Bookkeeper, CPA, Controller and CFO.
  • The 6 essential financial tools every CEO should have access to and be familiar with.
  • Critical analytical tools to improve profitability, identify challenges and opportunities, and improve an exit.

What Vistage Chairs & BPCs are Saying...

“Great presentation. Very well done. One of the best presentations I have seen in quite a while.”

– Vistage SB Group Chair

What Vistage Chairs & BPCs are Saying...

“This is spectacular content. So nicely broken down for the non-financial CEO.”

– Vistage CE Group Chair

What Vistage Chairs & BPCs are Saying...

“You guys did a good job of highlighting the need, in our market segment, our CEO’s have for strategic financial help!  Our CEO’s for the most part, pay attention to what our chairs highlight during one-to-one conversations. Many of our chairs come with a bag of consulting knowledge on the soft side of business. Very important in hiring, building teams, creating the culture, etc.  They haven’t sat in the CEO/CFO strategy role.”
– Vistage BPC

What Vistage Chairs & BPCs are Saying...

“Superb session Jerry, thank you so much.  So many members don’t understand they don’t know enough about this critical area.  You make the complex relatively straightforward (I withhold the word “simple here because that may not be possible!).”
– Vistage Chair

What Vistage Chairs & BPCs are Saying...

“You guys did a great job.  Let me know how I can help support you in my market.”
– Vistage BPC

What Vistage Chairs & BPCs are Saying...

“This was extremely relevant for me and provided a good benchmark for what I’m doing well and other areas of focus that are needed.”
– Vistage CE Group Member and the CFO at a $400MM company

What Vistage Chairs & BPCs are Saying...

“Great presentation, but gave me too much homework.”
– Vistage Key Group Member

What Vistage Chairs & BPCs are Saying...

“Love how you broke it out (in the workshop) – very clear.”
– Vistage Key Group Member

What Vistage Chairs & BPCs are Saying...

“I have heard other presentations try to explain the differences in the roles of Bookkeeper, Controller and CFO. This was, by far, the easiest to understand.”
– Vistage CE Group Member

What Vistage Chairs & BPCs are Saying...

“Home run today.”
– Vistage CE Group Chair

What Vistage Chairs & BPCs are Saying...

“I have received thanks as well as requests for your presentation resources and recording, so I know our members appreciated your time and the thought provoking session you provided.”
– Executive Assistant to Vistage CE Group Chair

What Vistage Chairs & BPCs are Saying...

“Thanks very much for your presentation.  We dialogued for another 25 minutes after your presentation.”
– Vistage Key Group Chair

Best Practice Chairs (BPC)

Speaker Showcase

Preferred CFO offers a 20-30 minute Speaker Showcase to help you to introduce the Strategic CFO Financial Workshop to the Chairs in your VCG.

Vistage Members: Free Strategic CFO Consultation

Upon referral from a Vistage Chair, Preferred CFO offers Vistage members a free consultation with an industry-leading CFO to discuss specific or general financial concerns and/or provide financial system evaluation and improvement recommendations.

During this consultation, we can help evaluate:

  • Athletic position. How empowered are you to handle challenges or take advantage of opportunities?
  • Financial systems & staff. Do you have the financial tools and team in place to make the best decisions for your company?
  • Cash management practices. How long is your cash runway and what improvements can you make to your cash management for improved cash flow?
  • & more

About Preferred CFO

Preferred CFO is a national high-level strategic outsourced CFO firm. While we’re experts in historical financials, the most impactful strategy we bring to organizations is implementing a higher level of forecasting and strategy to scale and accelerate growth, optimize resources, overcome obstacles, and maximize shareholder value.

Why we Support Vistage:

  • We have found that a CEO who is a Vistage member, already has an attitude towards improvement and is not satisfied with the status quo. They are the dynamic small and midsize business leaders, who are striving to learn what they did not previously know. They seek the most effective approach to achieve better results, grow their companies faster and maximize their impact as a leader.
  • Every company needs the strategic forward looking financial vision of a CFO, however most small and many midsize businesses cannot afford, and do not need, a full-time CFO. By experience we know that the fractional CFO model, and Preferred CFO’s top-of-class CFO strategic financial deliverables, are most beneficial and valuable to the small and midsized companies that make up the majority of the Vistage groups.
  • We support Vistage in all their efforts to build better leaders and stronger companies.

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