The Most Experienced Part-Time CFOs in the United States

Preferred CFO provides tailored full- and part-time CFO services, systems, controller, and strategic advisory solutions to organizations of all sizes.

Our Part-Time CFOs are experts in:

  • Overcoming financial challenges
  • Creating or optimizing financial strategy
  • Assisting in raising capital
  • Analyzing and improving systems

Our team consists of expert CFOs, systems advisors, controllers, and bookkeepers. This means we can provide CFO services to existing teams at every level, or can offer complete outsourced financial solutions to organizations without an in-house team.


Forecasting | Raising Capital | Systems & Operations Advisory | Cash-Flow Optimization | Improving Profitability

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External cfo Services

Preferred CFO's outsourced CFOs & controllers have decades of experience developing successful financial strategies. Our CFOs are experienced in working with organizations of all sizes, industries, and stages of growth.

Explore our specialties below or contact us to learn how Preferred CFO can help your organization achieve its goals faster.


Fractional CFO Services

Fractional CFOs are outsourced CFOs providing part-time, contract CFO services to companies. This is an excellent option for companies that do not yet need the services of a full-time CFO but have growth or challenges that necessitate a higher level of financial expertise. Fractional CFOs help companies resolve challenges, elevate financial strategy, & maximize profitability.

Outsourced Controller

Outsourced Controller Services

Preferred CFO is a full-service outsourced financial team, which means in addition to CFOs, we also have outsourced controllers on staff. While our CFOs focus on forward-facing financial strategy, our controllers are experts in record-keeping, monthly closes, & reporting. Our controllers will help organize your books and processes, prepare reports, & support your financial strategy.

Outsourced CFO Services

Outsourced CFO Services

Preferred CFO is the most experienced outsourced CFO team in the country. Our CFOs specialize in forward-facing financial strategy to help your company overcome obstacles & achieve your business goals faster & more efficiently. Our team works to help drive your business forward, maximize profitability & shareholder value, raise capital, & optimize your exit strategy.

Raising Capital Advisor

Raising Capital

Raising capital can be stressful, but Preferred CFO can help get you in the door and make the process go more smoothly. We bring experience, strategy, and clout to your organization. Our capital raising experts have helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars of debt & equity capital andare highly respected in the industry.

Cash Flow Issues

If your company is currently experiencing cash flow issues such as tight margins, high expenses, inventory tying up cash flow, or high accounts receivable, our fractional CFOs can help. Our CFOs are experts at strategizing spending, making cost cuts, analyzing contracts, and optimizing financial systems.

Financial Forecasting

If you don't have an up-to-date financial forecast our fractional CFO team can help. Our CFOs have developed hundreds of long- and short-term financial forecasts for companies of all sizes & industries. A financial forecast can cut costs, save waste, and help you achieve your growth goals faster & more efficiently.

CFO Consulting Services

Financial Strategy Consulting

Your organization can achieve new heights with a strategic CFO financial strategy consultant. Our expert financial advisors work with your existing team to elevate your financial strategy, overcome challenges, prepare for growth, or facilitate change. Tap into our expert CFO advisors & consultants today.

Outsourced Bookkeeping

Preferred CFO understands the importance of maintaining accurate, up-to-date financial records. Our outsourced bookkeepers can help support financial strategies developed by our fractional CFOs, augment existing teams, or can play an external part-time bookkeeper role for your company.

Financial Systems Consulting

Expert Systems Consulting

In business, everything is operations. Our systems consultants have optimized financial & operational systems for decades. Cut fat, optimize efficiency, and upgrade your legacy systems to align with your modern goals. A systems upgrade can save you time & money while preparing you for scalable growth.


Our team consists of some of the top CFOs and Systems Advisors in the industry. These experts are supported by a team of expert controllers and bookkeepers to implement and support your strategic financial initiatives.


  • Vincere

    Industry: Recruitment/SaaS

    With multiple entities across the globe, Vincere sought fractional CFO services to assist in consolidation, forecasting, SaaS metrics, and budget to actual review. Preferred CFO helped to clean up and consolidate accounting, provided forecasting, developed a strategic SaaS financial reporting package, and provided strategic leadership. Preferred CFO helped to support the company as they saw 2.5X growth over a 2-year period, eventually helping to facilitate a strategic sale.

  • Nepris

    Industry: Education/SaaS

    Nepris, Inc. sought fractional CFO services from Preferred CFO in the early stages of their revenue growth. Their goal was to set high financial standards early to keep the company’s finance strategies clean, complete, and optimized so they could continually maintain an athletic position to be able to take advantage of opportunities as they came.

  • Starburns Industries

    Industry: Entertainment, Television, Film, & Podcasting

    While serving as CFO for Starburns Industries, an independent television and film studio based in Burbank, California, Troy Skabelund, current Partner at Preferred CFO, completed a complete financial turnaround, bringing the company from only $700 in the bank to financial stability with an award-winning feature film and three television series with major networks.

  • Smart Rhino Labs

    Industry: SaaS, Technology, & Transportation

    While serving as CFO for Smart Rhino Labs, a recruitment marketing company in Salt Lake City, Utah, and one of Utah’s fastest growing companies, Preferred CFO converted accounting from a cash basis to an accrual basis, developed internal financial talent, established a robust financial forecast, populated a comprehensive data room, and assisted senior executives in strategic analysis and deal evaluation. The result was more reliable financial reporting, improved financial visibility, and a successful exit with a well-aligned strategic partner.

  • Jen Randall


    "Preferred CFO had a strong influence in the successful sale of one of our business entities. Their work helped us to understand the value of each entity separately. Presenting a well- prepared and unified front to our buyers was a very important thing to us. Our assigned CFO was able to present accurate financials, articulate future expectations, and help describe where the company had been."

  • Bob Dunn

    Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club of South Valley

    "Preferred CFO has helped save us funds in a variety of ways. Our CFO has changed vendor services not only saving dollars but improving quality and results. He reviews our short and long term financial forecast recommending ways to prevent issues. He presents information to our Board of Directors so that it is easily understood and invests time in making sure the Board is comprehending everything prepared for them."

  • Diversified Management Services

    Industry: Races & Events Entertainment

    Prepared a robust process for financial projections, enabling the securing of a $1.5 Million debt facility. Additionally, as a parent company, client benefited from our expertise in improving consolidation process of their information into one single set of financial statements and forecast.

  • Blue Eye Monitoring

    Industry: Security & Asset Monitoring

    Preferred CFO was brought in to support a new CEO in growing the business by implementing improved accounting processes, helping to raise debt and equity capital, and providing advice and analysis to the CEO and other investors.

  • DPS Skis

    Industry: Sports Equipment Manufacturing

    Through improved cost accounting and inventory management processes, DPS Skis has been empowered to make strategic decisions involving product introduction and retirement, fundraising, and manufacturing.

  • Energy Management Corporation

    Industry: Electrical Equipment Manufacturing & Installation

    Preferred CFO provided a dynamic interim CFO solution that helped to streamline their sales order completion times, reduce inventory write-off, and fully utilize existing accounting staff. Our CFO was able to work closely with Energy Management Corporation's internal IT department to improve their home-grown ERP system.

  • Patricia Goede

    CEO, VisualShare

    "Preferred CFO helped us successfully raise our first round of funding, and is currently supporting our second round. We’ve felt confident knowing that our CFO can jump on a call to field questions on our behalf. Our financial projections carry more weight with the Preferred CFO reputation. They were able to help us with a high-level solution that we would not have been able to replicate or afford any other way given the position our business was in."